EMMS Bands

There are three band courses offered at EMMS. They are the Concert Band (Period One), Symphonic Band (Period Two), and Wind Ensemble (Period Three)

Practice Assignments


Flute | Oboe | Clarinet | Bass Clarinet | Alto Sax | Tenor Sax | Baritone Sax | Bassoon | Horn | Trumpet | Trombone/Euphonium | Tuba | Mallets | Snare | Timpani

Check Patterns

Snare (Duple) | Snare (Triple) | Mallets (Duple) | Mallets (Triple)

Rudiments: A Learning Sequence


Practice Copies

Practice Copies are available for your band music. Click on your ensemble to find practice music. You will need a username and password. Contact Mr. Fischer if you need help.

Concert Band Period One | Symphonic Band Period Two | Wind Ensemble Period Three


Virtual Tuning Disc - Click Here! Don't forget to keep working on playing in tune!




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