6th grade practice tracks:

Sing With Joy : Alto - B- Section

Clear Water: Soprano | Alto | Gents

Girl choir practice tracks:

Blackbird : Soprano | Alto

Hotaru Koi: Soprano 1 | Soprano 2 | Alto


6th grade listening examples:

Bee I'm expecting you:


Clear Water:


7th and 8th grade listening examples:

This Old Hammer:
http://www.jwpepper.com/sheet-music/search.jsp?keywords=This+Old+Hammer (Click "Listen" next to 3-part mixed)

It Sings in Me:


Singing in High School Chorus:

Centennial HS: Auditions required for Women’s Choir or Madrigals, and/or sign-up for Concert Choir. Mrs. Cummings (CHS choir director) will come to EMMS to hear auditions in January 21-23. Audition will include a solo piece and sight reading. Contact Mrs. Cummings at Jessica_cummings@hcpss.org

Mount Hebron HS: Sign-up for course #6301 to sing with Mr. Hettenbach (MHHS choir director). Contact Mr. Hettenbach at Christopher_hettenbach@hcpss.org

Howard HS: Sign-up for course #6301 to sing in Concert Choir with Mr. Lawrence (HHS choir director). Auditions for the other choirs are required and will take place January 26 and 27 at Howard High School. On the 26th, students will sing individually for Mr. Lawrence (this will take about 10 minutes), and on the 27th students will sing in a quartet their part in “Rest Sweet Nymphs.” Contact Mr. Lawrence at rick_lawrence@hcpss.org



7th and 8th grade: Here are some YouTube links for your listening pleasure at home:


The Storm is Passing Over:



For 6th grade G/T honors chorus, here are the recordings of Little Brown Jug:

Soprano 1 | Soprano 2 | Alto | Accompaniment


If you have any questions email Mrs. Wacyk.


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