Music Mania

There is a wonderful group of parents that support the music program at EMMS. Contact Fawzieh Whyte (410-988-5221) to see how you can help!

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The Music Department relies on your generosity in helping us provide the tools and materials needed to make each musical performance a success.  Past fundraising efforts have added the following equipment to the department:

Music recording equipment: The department has a state-of-the-art system for recording live concerts for archival and educational purposes and for duplicating tuning CD’s for every child’s use.

Music Folio Cabinets:  The department has purchased two mobile folio cabinets for use by both instrumental and choral students so that music folders can quickly and efficiently be in the rehearsal space where they’re needed.

Instruments:  The department has added a cello, new string instrument bows, and an oboe to our inventory of instruments.  Instrument purchases are always expensive.  Just those items cost over $5000. 

Sheet Music:  Far and away the biggest departmental expense each year is sheet music.  Each arrangement set costs between $50-100 and each group historically performs 4 concerts each year.  That means that, as a department, we go through nearly 80 pieces of music with each of the major performing ensembles each year.  (That doesn’t even count extra-curricular groups such as Symphony Orchestra, Jazz Band, Handbell Choir, etc.)  Although we keep and maintain a large library of titles for each group, new music purchases are a major component of a healthy department. 

Other miscellaneous items are also funded by your donations.  Website costs, CD supplies, and office supplies for department and Music Mania uses are just a few of the other ways your donation helps to keep the department going.  You can see how vital additional funding is in helping us maintain the highest possible musical standards.  We look forward to continuing to provide new and exciting music titles for our students to perform, increase the ranks of needed instruments, and continue to maintain and improve the level of technological aids currently in use throughout the department. 

Thank you for your support.

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