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Virtual Tuning Disk

This is a collection of notes to which you can tune scales, arpeggios, melodies, harmonies, and all of your other assignments. Each note will play for 1 minute. If you need to hear it longer, just play it again. Also, you can save the file (right-click for windows people, option-click for mac users) and put it on your mp3 player. That way, you can play it through your headphones. Remember, when the sound is closer to you than your instrument, the sound does not have to be as loud.

The letter is the pitch of the note, and the number refers to the octave. The higher the number, the higher the note. For instance, the violin and viola tuning A is A4. All pitches are tuned in equal temperament to A440.

C2 | C3 | C4 | C5 | C6 | G2 | G3 | G4 | G5 | G6 | D2 | D3 | D4 | D5 | D6 | A2 | A3 | A4 | A5 | A6 | E2 | E3 | E4 | E5 | E6 | B2 | B3 | B4 | B5 | B6 | F#/Gb2 | F#/Gb3 | F#/Gb4 | F#/Gb5 | F#/Gb6 | C#/Db2 | C#/Db3 | C#/Db4 | C#/Db5 | C#/Db6 | G#/Ab2 | G#/Ab3 | G#/Ab4 | G#/Ab5 | G#/Ab6 | D#/Eb2 | D#/Eb3 | D#/Eb4 | D#/Eb5 | D#/Eb6 | A#/Bb2 | A#/Bb3 | A#/Bb4 | A#/Bb5 | A#/Bb6 | F2 | F3 | F4 | F5 | F6

To tune your instrument --

String Players:

Use these notes to help you tune your violin: E | A | D | G

Use these notes to help you tune your viola: A | D | G | C

Use these notes to help you tune your cello: A | D | G | C

Use these notes to help you tune your bass: G | D | A | E note: For bass players, the notes given are one octave above the string you are playing. Use the one octave hamonic when using these tones.

For Wind Players, use these notes:

Flute : Bb 4 (third-line Bb), Bb 5 (above-the-staff Bb), Bb 6 (top Bb)
Oboe: Bb 4 (third-line Bb)
Clarinet: Bb 4 (third-space C), Bb 5 (above-the-staff C)
Alto Sax: Bb 4 (above-the-staff G)
Tenor Sax: Bb 3 (third-space C)
Bari Sax: Bb3 (above-the staff G)
Bassoon: Bb3 (above-the-staff Bb)
Trumpet: Bb 4 (third-space C)
Horn: Bb 3 (first-space F), Bb 4 (top-line F)
Trombone: Bb 3 (above-the-staff Bb)
Euphonium: Bb 3 (above-the staff Bb)
Tuba: Bb2 (second-line Bb)


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